Do you own or renting a liquor retail outlet?

Attention all brokers, Property Owners and Landlords.

Do you have a retail premises suitable for a liquor outlet and or liquor trade?

We have clients pre-approved, interested in approved liquor outlets.

All clients is pre-approved and we do not disclose any information regarding any property to any client, unless a Franchise Agreement is completed, and we have proof of funding from the relevant client.

Our stores is between 80m2 – 250m2, and will be considered based on Visibility, Accessibility, Profitability and ultimately Affordability.

Our retailers will enter into either 3 or 5 year lease agreements.

In approving a store we consider the following expences, which is excluded from our profile, and is for the clients expense, thus we keep it as low as possible, as these expenses varies per store:

  1. EXPENSES: (Extract from our Franchise Agreement.)

Expenses for the account of the FRANCHISEE will be as follows (Unforeseen expenses excluded):-

6.1           Contract and legal expenses as set out in paragraph 31 below;

6.2           Water and electricity and connection fees in respect thereof;

6.3           Rental and deposit in respect thereof;

6.4           Plumbing in respect of the set-up of the store;

6.5           Electrical work in respect of the set-up of the store;

6.6           Any structural changes which might be necessary to the premises;

6.7           All trading licenses/liquor license and fees in respect thereof as required by South African Government and/or the local municipality and all regional service council levies due for all relevant periods;

6.8           The FRANCHISEE shall have a permanent ADSL line installed on his/her cost to ensure accessibility via e-mail;

6.9           The FRANCHISEE shall have a security system installed by a reputable Security Company on his/her own account.

Send all property related information to us for consideration.

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