The investment price of R 450 000,00 (Excluding VAT) for an eLiquor™ franchise includes: Liquor License Application, Shop Fitting, Signage, Shelving, Fully Operational Point of Sale, a Complete Back Office System including a Stock Management System, CCTV Cameras, Equipment, Fridges, Marketing, Uniforms, Opening Promotion, etc.

We offer you an excellent opportunity to join a very profitable industry and generate excellent returns on your investment.

Franchise Fees are (ZERO) 0%, and do not constitute any percentage of Turnover. Charges for Maintenance or Online Support are applied on a per call-out basis. Alternatively, you have the option to pay 2% of Turnover, which will cover expenses for Monthly Flyers for In-Store Promotions, Online Marketing (Store Website, etc.), Support and Maintenance of System, and Cold Room, among others.

We submit your Liquor License Application on the premises that you will use, rent, or lease.