Types of Liquor Licenses

Each premises and situation for which a liquor license is required is unique. A specific type of license is therefore required for each situation or premises.

Types of Liquor License
Types of Liquor License

Here follow the types of liquor licenses that can be applied for:

  1. Transfers

This license is granted to those who want to transfer liquor from one entity to another, or one premise to the next.

2) On Consumption

This is a license granted specifically for the sale of liquor for consumption on the specific premises where the liquor is sold, for example restaurants.

3) Special on Consumption

This license is granted for special premises where liquor is sold to be consumed on the premises where the liquor is sold. Examples of such premises are pubs, hotels, clubs, franchises, action bars, pool lounges, cocktail Lounges, accommodation facilities, sport facilities (incl. Indoor), coffee shops, wine boutiques, night clubs, theatres, taverns, party busses and floating vessels.

4) Temporary liquor license

A temporary liquor license is issues for a short period of time only, and only to an applicant that meets the necessary criteria.

5) Occasional liquor license

An occasional liquor license is al license that is granted for an event when it cannot be covered by any other license. An occasional liquor license allows for liquor to be sold to people attending an event.

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6) Events licenses

Events liquor licenses refers to a license granted for an event.

7) Procure controlling interest

8) Wine grocer liquor license

This license is granted to a premise where wine is sold.

9) Manage a premise (Management Appointments)

10) Structural changes to licensed premise.

11) Storage in an additional premise.

12) Storage in another district.

13) Supply for tasting or promotional purposes.

Supply free for brew house purposes.

14) Off Consumption

This is a license granted for the sale of liquor for consumption off the premises where it is sold. These premises include liquor store, distribution, wholesale entities.

15) Special off Consumption

16) Producers

A license granted to producers of liquor, such as wine farmers, distillers, and brew houses.

17) Assistance with annual renewals

18) Conversions

19) Extended trading hours

How to apply for a liquor license of any nature is subject to the province you find yourself in. We can administrate the application for any type of liquor license, in any South African province, on your behalf.

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