You need a SAPS Clearance Certificate confirming that you do not have a criminal record.

SAPS Police Clearance for Liquor License Application

This step can take up to six weeks, so start with this before you do the rest.

  • Take a copy of your I. D. document and R59.00 to your local SAPS during office hours.
  • Ask them to do your fingerprints for the purpose of an application for a Liquor License.
  • Once you have your fingerprints taken, hand the fingerprints together with your receipt of R59.00 and a copy of your I. D. document in at your Local Police Station, or at:

The Criminal Records Centre,

First floor,

Bothong Plaza West Building,

271 Francis Baard Street, (Previously Schoeman Street)


Liquor License Price and Step by Step Liquor License Application Procedure Guide